The Big Bear Story

In late 2019 and spilling over into 2020, the world was rocked by the Covid 19 pandemic. An already fragile community was even further tested through the various curbing initiatives to stop the spread of the pandemic. During this time, and still even worse today, businesses and individuals are losing the battle due to not only the economic pressure, but also mental challenges arising from the last 3 years.

I had family and friends that were severely affected by the pandemic. We lost our mother due to the hospitals being full and only getting her in too late. Friends lost their businesses and means of making a living. Some friends and family ended it, as the pressure was just too damn much.

It is during this time that we at Big Bear Motivational Apparel realized that we sometime need a daily reminder to keep going. Sometimes hard work is required just to make it through the day. With this, our slogan was born : “Chin up. boots down.”

Chin up – When the going gets tough and you don’t see a way out of the dark mess ahead of you, you need to remember one thing: Sometimes it is okay not to know where you are going, you only need to know your next step. To do this you need to lift your head to see what your next step is. To do that, you need to keep your chin up and look forward.

Boots down – The meaning of boots down is twofold. Firstly, when times are tough you need boots on the ground to walk only that one step that you can see. You can not progress laying on the couch or ground. You physically need those boots on the ground to push forwards and through, one step at a time. Secondly, when things are going well and you are prospering, remember that not everyone around you is having the same fate. Stay grounded and support those that are battling around you….boots down.

We are doing our part by bringing you exciting products to remind you to keep your chin up and your boots down. Hop on over to our shop and come see what we are up to. By doing this, you are enabling us to push 10% of our profits back into mental health awareness projects, and the best part of all….our products are designed by you, for you.

Chins up!

Big Bear