The Norm

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Many days we are so busy making a living, that we forget to make a life. I find having a high-pressure job with long hours does not only affect my mental well-being, but also my physical health. If we don’t make enough “me” time our lives will be out of balance. Taking time out to let your mind free, get some fresh air and to re-energize is very important.

We often work many hours and only have a little time for relaxing with the norm being us filling up the gaps left with some time for ourselves. The last few months I have actively pursued some “me” time between the tall pines and single track at Norm-Hudlin trails as my way of relaxing and recharging. Sometimes it is at 4h30am in the week when I cycle there and back, or time over the weekend on the trails followed by an iced coffee from the Cowshed. I am making it my NORM-al routine to actively spend more time re-energizing myself, because I owe it to me, my health and well-being.

Make living your “Norm”

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