Summer Serenity – The sock designed for the people, by the people

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We found it fitting to design our first product with serenity in mind. We did a survey and asked people close to us what made them truly happy. What was the one thing that when they smelt it, felt it or tasted it, it really made them forget about everything and just enjoy life. Here are some of the inputs:

Watermelon – Smells like freshly cut grass in the summer and reminds me of summer and relaxing in the shade while enjoying a slice.

Lemon tree – reminds me of the smell and sound of spring. The promise of new beginnings, abundance, healing, longevity, LIFE!

The ocean – The smell of the sea, the cold waves breaking against me and the salty taste of the waves on my lips. This makes me feel alive.

70% dark chocolate – Goes well with a good glass of red wine. Love enjoying it with my eyes closed and just savouring the flavour.

The sun on my skin – Makes me feel warm and alive

A cocktail or coffee with good friends, laughing the time away and feeling the stress fall off while having a lekker chat.

These inputs have been core to designing our first feel good sock, the Summer Serenity.

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S (UK 12 – 3), M (UK 4 – 7), L (UK 8 – 12)

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